Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Goan Carnival in 2014!!

Known for it white sand beaches , its crazy nightlife, liberal ways of living and its kind hospitality it remains the choice of many to come back on a holiday. The Goan Carnival held annually in February reflects the fun and happy side of the Goans and is the time of the year when people come out in large numbers across the state to be a part of the fun and frolic.

The Carnival festival has been influenced by Goa’s Portuguese roots and has remained a part of Goa’s cultured for many years and reflects Goa cultural diversity. Held in the month of February, this festival has everyone in a happy mood filled with color and music to go with it. The carnival floats are paraded across multiple cities in Goa and is one of India's most unique festivals held nowhere by here in Goa.  Locals and visitors come out  in large numbers to celebrate and watch the parade go by to be a part of the celebration.

The Goan Carnival takes place just before the season of Lent marked by the Christian Calender and is the last celebration before a 45 day fast that then followed by Easter. Live bands playing carnival tunes, floats accompanied with dancers in colorful costumes and hundreds cheering on the festival is witnessed by people from India and abroad.
King Momo the iconic figure marks the begin of the festival and is seen on the first float that kick-starts the festival. The first float itself has dancers, musicians and performers in action and is one among the vibrant floats seen in the parade. Most floats  are themes on social and cultures reflections.

Time your holiday or make sure you plan a visit at least once in a life time to witness this celebratory experience and if you are here during a holiday do nothing to miss out on it. 

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