Friday, 29 August 2014

Accommodation in Goa

Goa's prime real estate unlike most cities i India is spread across in litlle pockets across the state in small towns and suburbs. Travelling through and fro with ease is one of the main factors you should consider while searching for an place to stay in Goa, whether you are here for a holiday or looking to rent out for a while.
looking around and checking for convenience to get to point A to B would help you get an estimate of how he neighborhood is.

As I had mentioned, real estate is spread across in small pockets and in each pocket there are several factors to consider while finding the right accommodation. If you are living in Colva and need to travel to Mago everyday is a better option than living in Varca and need to get to Margo. The rents do vary in both instances and so does the type of offerings but keep in mind dont consider only consider the price is on the only factor.

Panjim, Margao, Vasco, Mapusa and Ponda are the main business town in Goa, the beach belt of north Goa is now also considerd a prime area for good real estate being for the demand for short and long term stays. For long term stays people do prefer the in-between' s  such as Porvorim, Caranzalem, Succor, Verna, Dabolim that are slight relaxed on prices the rentals have to offer. These suburbs are also filled by real estate built under 5 years and are full of amenities and often has the daily essentials in close proximity.

With a large demand in housing architectural firms such as Eadus, are now catering to the exclusive westerner market that is increasing each year. These clients require their apartments to be designed according to the pads back home for comfortable living in Goa.

The real estate boom took off in early 2006-2007 and gave rise to the many suburbs that are popular now a days. The main cities are small and there isn't place to build new structures any more hence opportunities for housing in new areas near these cities were opportunities for many in the business.

Finding a good listing can be quite a run, a good place to start would be the Navhind Times that is most popular with its listings, you might also like to keep options to looks at a broker, who does the job of finding easily. Looking online has its advantages, sites such as OLX and Quikr has several listings you can browse through, Rental Listings Goa is a local site that is frequently updated in its daily listings. Most of the listings available over the internet are through real estate brokers who would charge you a fee for their services. You could strike a good bargain with some of them and more than often these chaps have some of the better listings you can find.

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