Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tie The Knot In Goa: Every Brides Dream!

There are so many reasons to think of visiting Goa and if you are one of those who have location here you know how beautiful it is in its natural beauty. There are plenty of reasons why you get married in beautiful Goa, ask those who have they will tell you that they have created memories for lifetime. The beaches of Goa make beautiful setting to get married at, no wonder so many decide to either tie the knot here or honeymoon in Goa. Here are a few reasons that will help you decide why you should choose Goa to tie the knot.

What better location than tying the knot by the beach
the beaches make such a picturesque setting for a romantic venue tie the knot. Picture yourself walking down the aisle with the sounds of the waves crashing by the shore, the evening sun setting in the backdrop as seagulls fly by, the tall coconut trees swaying their leaves the warm evening breeze and your family and friends by aside. Very few are locations would beat a setting so beautiful as this.

Great food and entertainment
wedding venues by the beach are accompanied by some great entertainment all hosted by the hotels or restaurants by the beach. The environment is so relaxed and the options for food and alcohol are plenty to choose from and what’s more, alcohol is cheaper than the other parts of the country.

Competitive pricing and plenty of options
the local market is all geared up as it is aware of Goa such a demand as a destination wedding location. With the coastline being so massive that it is there is always an option and a great price range that you can choose from. Hire a team of event planners that will put together the entire event for you as these guys will do all that needs to be done in finding the right venues, vendors and pricing along the lines of your budget.

Cost-effective for NRIs
with the dollar only gaining against the rupee, NRIs are in a better position to get much more for what they spend in terms of value. Local prices haven’t been escalating and hence the rise in the dollar would mean that you spend less and gain more value.

No cookie cutter wedding
you would be amazed at the cost of a beach wedding would be far less than what you’d spend in the major cities of India. The couples of today choose to break away from traditional venues and walked down the aisle in a beautiful setting switches Goa.

Goa offers you a wide price band
Goa is an expensive and if you planned right having wedding here will not tip the scales against you. The beach is just one of the many locations you can choose from. There are several other locations as well that you can select all dependent on your budgets and likes.

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