Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Forts of Goa you must visit during you visit!

Chapora Fort
‘Shahpura’ which means ‘Town of the Shah’ was first constructed by Bijapurs ruler Adil Shah and is located on Anjuna beach which among the popular attractions in India. Built out of laterite stones this fort is situated on the banks of the Chapora river and changed hands several times after the Portuguese took over Bardez

Fort Tiracol
This fort is located on the northern tip of Goa along the banks of the Tiracol river accesable from the Querim ferry. The fort remained in history as the Portuguese's critical maritime defenses. The fort has been now converted as  hotel, the Tiracol Heritage.

Reis Magos Fort
This fort rests on the banks of the river Mandovi facing the capital city of Panjim which was built in the year 1543 and was designed to curb enemy ships that would sail across the Mandovi. The fort also functioned as a jailhouse till 1993, until it was abandoned and then back in 2012.

Rachol Fort

Home to the famous  Rachol Seminary this fort that rests by the Zuari, was restored and converted into a museum.

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