Monday, 9 December 2013

Goa & Fresh Fish!! The types of Fish most consumed in Goa

Fresh Fish, a chilled beer and Goa, ah! What else could wish for! Goa being by the sea fish is a staple food of the locals and consumer by the many who travel to Goa. So, what are the most popular types of fish and how are they best prepared, here a quick guide to get you going.

The masala and the preparation:
Fried fish is very popular across Goa and is consumed as a snack with the a drink or even during the main course. The alternate way of cooking it would be in a curry usually found in a fish curry rice served across the state.

Fried fish is served best with a ranceiodo masala, that is a combination of red chillies and vinegar ground to a thin paste as a main ingredient and applied to the fish and fried. Alternatively curries are prepared with  coconut juice, chillies as well.

Choice of Fish.
Prawns, Kingfish, Red Snapper, Mussels, Pomfrets, Squids and Crabs are the most popular types of fished served in most restaurants. You will see a lot of local flocking at places that serve up fresh fish described as ‘Tajjhe kitne hai’ (what is fresh today) in Konkanni.

Prawns, Squids and Crabs are best consumed in a butter garlic preparation, Prawns are fried first and the tossed in a mixture of garlic and butter. The two blend in a perfect  combination of flavors that will make you want more! Crabs are boiled first in hot water with a pinch of salt, once cooked, the shells are cracked and then tossed in a mixture of butter and garlic.

Fish such as the Kingfish, Red Snapper, mackreals are served best with a ranchiodo masala. The fish is marinated first with salt, ginger-garlic paste and then coated with the masala which is then is rawa fried.

Typing this out has made my mouth-water, the local preparation is excellent and a must try here when you are in Goa. There are a plenty of places to choose from to try fish but keep in mind there are on a few that really know how to serve it the way it should. Some place to mention would be Sea Pebble, Dona Paula, Mickey’s- Colva, Ritz Classic- Panjim,  Martins, Betalbatim, Sheela, Vasco  to name a few.  Every local would also have his/her preferences to that perfect place that serves up fresh and tasty fish, so if you have the option of asking a friend, don’t miss out the chance.

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