Thursday, 20 March 2014

Goa Beyond its Beaches, Churches and Temples: Spice farms, Ancestral Goa, Mario Miranda Art gallery and Kala Academy.

So, you pick up a nice tan and visited the temples and churches and you still want explore some more, well, there is a lot more to do and following are a few places you should try if you are in the mood to  explore Goa’s roots and traditions.

Spice Farms are popular in Ponda, a forty minute drive from Panjim, these farms are located amidst lush green surroundings of the neighboring mountains and is a great place to experience food and the farm itself which has a lot of explore within itself. The spice plants that the farms cultivate are spread across multiple acres and produce spices such as Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Pepper, Turmeric, Ginger and Vanilla besides the numerous Cashew plantations in the area. The visit includes a meal as well at the restaurant that serves up a Goan spread consisting of mainly Fish Curry Rice, Chicken Xacuti and Vegetables.

Ancestral Goa is located near Ponda as well, roughly a 30-40 minute drive to get there and is located near the Savior Of the World Church Lotolim.  Ancestral Goa is a treasure of artifacts and precious items that reflect Goa’s cultures and traditions. Big Foot takes you across the many sculptures that depict the rich history of Goa. Across Big-Foot is the old Portuguese house you could visit as well. Casa Araujo Alvares is an structure that has been standing since the Portuguese rule in Goa and has been renovated to give visitors a glimpse of the early days.

Kala Academy is in Panjim and is any another gateway to Goa’s rich cultural diversity. Musicals, Tiarts and art exhibitions are quite famous here that showcase local artist and talents.  Art, music and drama is what you can explore here in abundance, you can also visit the old light-house behind the academy to catch a glimpse of the Mandovi.

Head out to Salvador Do Mundo to get a taste of art by Goa’s famous artist Mario Miranda. His signature styles that depicts Goa’s life will allow you to explore what Goa was all about back in the day. His art is unique and descriptive that will have you mesmerised in its beauty. 

Goa surely has a lot to offer other than its beaches and nightlife. You can explore more than you can imagine from its little villages to its beautiful sights you are in a unique experience. If you are looking to explore the many places to visit in Goa that are different in its own charm, places to visit in Goa are famous  where you can explore the cultures and traditions. 

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