Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Traditional Goan everyday snacks

Coconut is a popular commodity used here in Goa to make every day snacks consumed at tea time at most households especially over the weekend. These delicacies are available at most bakeries across Goa, you also explore Dhosh, Dhodol and other sweets as well

The base of these pancakes are made of rice that is soaked overnight, the rice is then ground into a thin paste and mixed in coconut juice. This mixture is then tossed into a pan and allowed to cook. A mixture comprising of jaggery and raw coconut are mixed together and spread evenly. Delicious to have and easy to make

Shira is made of rawa and ghee cooked over ten-fifteen minutes on a slow flame  to which cooking colour is added along with a few dried fruits along with some spices such as dried spices such as cloves and cardamom.

Mung juice with coconut juice and jaggery
Mung is soaked overnight and then streamed in a pressure cooker to cook, after its cooks the a mixture of coconut juice and jaggery is added to it. This snack is very good to clear a cold and highly nutritious

The delicious mouth watering delight is a made in layers and is not only popular among locals but now also exported to Australia and the United Kingdom

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