Monday, 9 September 2013

Green trails you could visit besides the Goan beaches

Mollem National Park
The wildlife park is a 240 square kilometre area sanctuary  that is rich with flora and fauna and is in the village of Mollem. You can explore the many options of bird safaris, jungle safaris that the park has to offer. The sanctuary nears the Dudhsagar waterfalls as well

Cotigaon Wildlife Sanctuary
This sanctuary is in the Canancona District of Goa east of Pallolem, and is Goa’s second largest wildlife sanctuary that is widely spread across 86 squiare kilometers. There are watch points and watch towers you can trek to to get a glimpse of the animals in the forest

Dandeli Wildlife Santuary
Dandeli has evolved as a popular tourist destination over the last few years for the adventurous few providing activities such as white water rafting across the raging rapids. The sanctuary rests by the river Kali and has a lot to offer to nature lovers

Netravali Wildllife Sanctuary
Spread across 211 square kilometres of forestation this sanctuary was is a major attraction for nature enthusiasts. Animals such as hornbills, panthers, loris and snakes are a common sight.

There is no doubt the night clubs in Goa are what really attract the crowds but, they is so much more that Goa has to offer and visiting these sanctuary's is a great way to explore more in Goa.

The monsoons in Goa are the best time to visit these sanctuary and parks as they are covered in greenery and cool weather and you can experience a different side of Goa apart from the beaches that its is so famous for. The monsoons see visitors wanting to enjoy the rains, weather and is very popular among nature lovers. 

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