Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Panjim’s Boat Rides and off shore- Casinos

Goa has seen casinos flourish across the state over the last few years. From on-shore to now the off-shore casinos Goa has added a another wing of attraction to the tourists visiting the state. Although on-shore casinos have existed for a while, off-shore casinos have sprouted over the last few years and is great tourist attraction for those visiting and want to pay lady-luck a visit.

The off shore casinos are seen on the river Mandovi and are quite an attraction as they sail across the Mandovi right upto Miramar Beach.  Deltin Jack, Crown Casino, Caravela , Casino Carnival are the some of the river boats you can visit. You can also enjoy the entertainment and food on board these vessels and  off course the sights as you sail across the river.

If you are in the mood to dance the evening away with live entertainment and music you should try the boat rides at the Panjim jetty. Long ques are often see at the ticket counters but it is worth the wait. Hop on board to the be entertained as well as to take a short cruise down the river Mandovi. Musicians and Dj’s will play tunes to get you to the mood to be a part of the entertainment. You can also sit back, relax and catch a glimpse of the city from the deck.
Cruise along as the boats sail across the city towards Miramar, you will pass by landmarks such as the Kala Academy, the Mariot, after which you will sail to the white sands of the Miramar beach and of course, you will see the city from a different perspective.

If you want to get a bit more closer to the water drive up to Dona-Paula to catch a Jet-ski or a private boat ride across the jetty. The rides are refreshing as you breeze across the river facing the famous Dona Paula jetty and the Mormugao Harbour on the opposite side of it. The jet-skis and boat ride are very reasonably priced and offer you an amazing view of the nearby coast.

One among the many things to do in the city, boat rides along the river Mandovi and Dona Paula are famous among tourists and highly recommended to try. The stretch between Miramar and Patto is the best time to visit Goa during the Carnival Season every year in the month of Febuary

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