Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Weather in Goa; how to work your travel plans around it!

The tropical weather and the sun kissed beaches is choice of many who plan their visit here and the weather in Goa has a lot to do with it as well due to the fact the  coastal belts is pretty much shut during the monsoons. Goa is cooler during the months of October until March when the summers set in. By cooler, you need not pack up you heavy duty winter gear as the temperature drops to a maximum of 23 degrees. 

The tourist season kicks off in the month of October with Russian charters flying in tourists for the holidays. The beaches settle down after the rains which are quite heavy and you are ready to soak up the sun. However, the monsoon has its own charm; after the hot summer that are hot and humid. The rains bring about a refreshing change to the landscape and is full of greenery.

The beaches remains off limits during the monsoons as they are unsafe to swim in, you do see a lot of interstate tourists visiting to enjoy Goa the weather and take advantage of the prices stay, food and travel drop due to the low demand during this period. Villas in Goa for rent are a steal during this period if you are travelling as a group and you are surely to get a good deal looking if looking for one.

The best time to visit Goa is definitely after the monsoons and you when the season peaks at Christmas and New year and end slowly winds down after the carnival in Feb. The weather during this period is a pleasant 25 degrees with the tourist season kicking-off, businesses begin to gear up for the season at hand. As the season progresses and the prices for stay, food and travel peak in the month of December as compared to the off season prices of July- September. If you plan to visit during the months of October to December, booking you stay well in advance can you a better package rather than booking last minute. Accommodation availability also remains scarce as we head into December, hotels, villas and serviced apartments and rentals in Goa  run out of space as Goa's gets ready to ring in the New Year. The parties, the nightlife the food, the lazy evenings, the beaches and of course the weather make travelling here during the period the best time to travel in the tourism calender.

Come January, February the mercury starts climbing and you begin to feel the heat! 30 degrees is only the beginning which then lead into the summer that peaks at around 38 degrees! yes, hot and and humid. Well, the entertainment still goes on with Carnival and lastly the San Jao feast in June that ends the party calender.

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